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Director, Global Renewal Sales Enablement
Amanda is a SaaS industry leader with 15 years of proven success at exceeding renewal and growth targets, driving optimal customer experiences and creating scalable programs for renewal and customer success organizations. Amanda is skilled in program management aimed to enable selling teams, building executive partnerships with VPs to deliver sales strategy through enablement and supporting customer retention, career development and onboarding.
04 September 2024 14:00 - 14:45
Panel discussion: Enablement in times of change
Explore the concrete benefits of adapting enablement strategies to thrive in times of change. Learn from experienced panelists as they share their insights, strategies, and best practices for effectively managing enablement initiatives amidst dynamic environments. Through real-world examples and actionable insights, you'll gain valuable perspectives on: - Adapting to change: Discover how to navigate and embrace change within the sales enablement function, including shifts in technology, market dynamics, and organizational structures. - Seizing opportunities: Learn how to identify and capitalize on opportunities for innovation and improvement during periods of change, driving continuous growth and success. - Managing uncertainty: Explore strategies for mitigating risk and uncertainty while maintaining focus on key enablement objectives and priorities. - Fostering resilience: Uncover tactics for building resilience within your enablement team, enabling them to thrive in the face of adversity and uncertainty. Whether you're facing organizational restructuring, technological disruptions, or market shifts, this panel discussion offers invaluable insights to help you navigate change and drive success in your enablement initiatives.