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Director, Global Revenue Enablement
Julie Wolfe is the Director of Global Revenue Enablement at Glassdoor and spent much of her career in sales, with a stint in product and market research and found her current calling in revenue enablement. Her goal is to simplify and deliver, with a focus on driving speed to revenue. Her passion is people and helping their career development, which is why she loves not only being a people-first leader, but also being in the HR Tech industry. Julie's other passion is animal welfare and she is on the Board of Directors at Valley Humane Society in Northern California. Julie loves living in wine country and her favorite way to spend time is with family and friends (and their dogs)!
04 September 2024 16:15 - 16:45
Fireside chat: Evolving your enablement team through the maturity curve
In this session, dive into the stages of maturity, from ad-hoc to highly strategic, and learn how to navigate the evolution of enablement within your organization. Through insightful discussions and real-world examples, participants will gain a deeper understanding of the key components of each stage and practical strategies for progressing along the maturity curve. This talk offers valuable insights to help you chart a course towards enablement excellence. Join us to gain clarity on your organization's enablement maturity and unlock new opportunities for growth and success.