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VP, Global Sales & Partner Enablement
Nate is experienced in building sales, enablement and operational teams that will continue cultivating an environment for sales organization & partners to thrive, supporting all reps hunt (prospecting) for quota, training, and development. In addition to continuing to drive world-class training and onboarding 500- 1,000 new hires a year, Nate is also making sure to continue providing content that is relevant, timely, and accurate; capturing and sharing global best practices; facilitating cross-departmental relationships and visibility; and finally, driving sales communication and collaboration through various programs, operations, tools and sales methodologies to increase sales effectiveness.
04 September 2024 15:15 - 15:45
Measuring impact and finessing data-driven enablement strategies
In this session, Nate will explore the critical importance of leveraging data to assess the effectiveness of enablement initiatives and refine strategies for optimal impact. Through practical examples, case studies, and actionable insights, participants will uncover methodologies for capturing, analyzing, and interpreting data to drive informed decision-making. This session offers valuable guidance on harnessing the power of data to enhance enablement outcomes and drive organizational success. Join us to propel your data-driven enablement excellence.