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VP, Revenue Enablement
Petek is a global productivity and enablement leader who bridges the gap between business strategy, and customer outcomes to drive revenue and company goals. Her focus is on implementing productivity strategy and programs at scale for the sustainable growth of multi-million global SaaS companies such as Zoom Video Communications and Melio.  Some highlights of her career are programs that led to over 4000 employee onboarding and IPO support at Zoom, driving $11M ARR to $63M ARR in less than a year, and building highly effective enablement teams globally.   Her GTM background and revenue motion expertise is key at driving desired customer outcomes to land, onboard, and expand. By aligning the business strategy, company OKRs to intelligently designed data-driven programs, Petek leads companies to quickly grow revenue engines with scalable and effective enablement. Her motto is: Simplify, standardize, and scale!
04 September 2024 14:00 - 14:45
Roundtable discussions: Resolving enablement challenges to drive success
Pens down, it's time to network. This session will give you the chance to work with others in attendance to tackle some of the key challenges many of you face in your day-to-day roles. The old adage that "a problem shared is a problem halved" really does stand true. This session provides you with a unique opportunity to share insights, strategies, and collective wisdom on overcoming the unique challenges faced by enablement leaders in a dynamic business landscape. Harness the power of collaborative problem-solving, gaining diverse perspectives on adapting strategies to meet evolving demands. Topics include: - Cultivating a high-performance sales culture through nurturing accountability (Petek) - Navigating technology integration - Measuring enablement and ROI - Building a culture of continuous learning - Doing more with less resources