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Head of Sales Enablement
Cassandra Clark is a dynamic force in sales enablement, recognized for her innovative strategies and transformative impact that have catalyzed billion-dollar growths for tech behemoths including Meta (Facebook)., Reddit, and Nextdoor. With an illustrious career of nearly 20 years in sales and sales enablement, Cassandra has masterfully developed and executed programming and sales methodologies and that have streamlined operational efficiency, fostered cultures of learning, helped unlock billions in advertiser revenue, and have fundamentally changed how global sales teams operate. Holding an MBA in International Business and a B.S. in Advertising, Cassandra's educational background, multilingual fluency, and international business experience across agencies, brands, platforms, and partners bring a well-rounded global perspective to her work, enhancing her effectiveness in multinational environments. Cassandra's reputation extends beyond her professional achievements; she is celebrated for her creativity, passion, diligence, innovation, and energy. These qualities, coupled with her role as a professional visual artist, underscore her unique ability to blend creative thinking with strategic business solutions. Her work ethic and visionary approach makes her not only a leader in sales enablement but also a beloved figure known for pushing boundaries and inspiring change.