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VP of Revenue Enablement
As VP of Revenue Enablement, Chuck's skill is building out world-class field enablement programs to equip marketing, sales and customer success teams with the right skills, knowledge, processes and enablement tools to maximize sales growth and customer success impact. He works with senior leadership to assess and thoroughly understand the current capabilities as well as gaps across all revenue team roles. Chuck then partner with Sales, Marketing, Customer Success and Revenue Operations to build out highly scalable enablement programs with programmatic updates/refresh scheduled. He's skilled at crafting impactful initial onboarding experiences which engage participants to minimize ramp time and maximize role effectiveness. As well as creating ongoing training programs to fine-tune and coach experienced sellers to adapt to changes in product, marketplace and role requirements. Sales is a metrics-driven business so he applies sales-as-a-science principles by designing metrics that systematically measure and quantify the impact and effectiveness of sales training and enablement programs. As a leader, he has created best-in-class sales enablement organizations by effectively managing and developing the Sales Enablement team, and providing thought leadership to his sales, CS and marketing leadership partners.