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Director of Revenue Enablement
Dodge Construction Network
With recent speaking engagements and a rockin' line up for the 2023 Sales Enablement Summits, Jenn Glabicky has started branching off to share her knowledge in hopes of creating better cross-functional alignment within companies. Her background in corporate sales and leadership expands over several industries including healthcare, sports, and finance. She has a proven record of success implementing enablement, marketing and leadership strategies to bolster top-line revenue. She is passionate about helping her colleagues & clients learn the sales and leadership strategies they need to succeed no matter what this marketplace does. When Jenn isn’t geeking out about enablement, marketing and company strategy she enjoys putting her emergency medical technician license to good use by volunteering at large scale events such as hurricane disaster relief and the Boston Marathon. But please note, if you see Jenn running there is either a bear chasing her or she spotted an ice cream truck.