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SVP, Revenue Operations
Sandy began her sales career in advertising, selling yellow pages and direct mail, (the old-school way). Sandy carried a bag, led sales teams, and sales training for about 15 years before moving into the Sales Operations world which she has been immersed in for the last 10 years. Sandy has experience with large public organizations as well as small to mid-sized startups in the Enterprise SaaS space. She has a true understanding of what teams need and is committed to working collaboratively while challenging the status quo. Sandy’s passion is to enable teams through intense focus on the customer buying journey as it relates to systems, tools, training, and process. In her current role at Nymbus Sandy and her team have set up the tech stack, configured the CRM, created sales processes, implemented comp plans, and rolled out an enablement strategy. Robinson has a Graduate Certificate in Management and Leadership from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Sloan School of Management), a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from the New York Institute of Technology, and a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certificate from Villanova University. She also has a 2nd Degree Blackbelt in Kenpo Karate! Sandy has been married to her husband Greg for 13 years, they have an 11-year-old son together and two great Danes named Atlas and Zeus.  Sandy likes to stay active and enjoys martial arts, fishing, kayaking, photography, hiking, and working out.
04 September 2024 11:15 - 11:45
Unifying methodology, process, and systems: Achieving synergy for success
Sandy wants to talk to you about a topic that's crucial for the success of any organization, whether you're in Sales, Marketing, RevOps, or any other department. It's a topic that can make or break your initiatives, and it's all about coordination, communication, and enablement. GTM teams need to focus on connecting the dots between methodology, process, and systems. Making the complete connection, enables teams to be agile, retain, and get results. Not only will this help cost-justification, it will actually impact results.