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JAPAC Enablement Leader, Sales & Customer Success
Kelly loves developing high-performing sales and customer success teams that help customers build better businesses. Sellers that challenge their customers like personal trainers, and not simply serve like bartenders. But it doesn’t start and stop at the rep, sales & CS enablement is a whole of company engagement. Kelly finds that setting up the right enablement framework & services, aligned to the company strategy and operational objectives, is key to putting real sales transformation in motion. That way we can truly help our teams deliver a better experience for our customers, driving a better return for them and for our business. As a sales enablement leader, she never stops developing either. Kelly taps into sales best practice globally and brings that to their customer-centric business. As she says, if you want to enable others, you need to enable yourself first. The future of work is here, and it's such an exciting time to be in business!