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Head, GTM Enablement
Andrew is passionate about serving global go-to-market teams and is motivated by seeing lightbulbs go off in the minds of his peers. His enablement career is multifaceted: from designing and launching onboarding curriculum to strengthening the skills of tenured tech professionals and building future-proofed processes in high-scale startups. Communicating across regions and teams to solve business challenges is both fun and edifying for Andrew.
14 February 2024 10:15 - 10:45
Fireside chat: The playbook for enablement at start-ups vs large-scale enterprises
This session explores the dynamics of enablement ecosystems, comparing the approaches of start-ups and large enterprises. In an ever-evolving business landscape, both entities play crucial roles in fostering innovation and driving growth. This session will provide insight into how enablement operates at different-sized organizations and how you can thrive in either environment. Through insightful discussions and case studies, participants will gain valuable insights into the strategies, partnerships, and collaborative models employed to drive success and achieve a competitive advantage.

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