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Senior Sales Enablement Lead
Starting her sales journey in the challenging world of B2B copier sales, Chelsea mastered the foundational principles of the trade in one of its most demanding arenas. This tenacity led her to a successful stint in full desk recruiting, where she secured three of Chicago’s largest privately-held companies as clients. Her career took a significant turn at Horizon Therapeutics, where she spearheaded the most extensive sales recruitment expansion in the company’s history, filling an impressive 50 roles in under seven weeks. It was here that Chelsea discovered her passion for sales training, a discovery that, after further enriching experiences in project management and SAAS sales, led her to a pivotal role in sales enablement shortly after moving to Austin. She has worked at a pre-seed and two, Series C tech startups, including her current role at Nylas. Her approach to enablement is interactive, data driven, collaborative, experiential, creative, and fun. It includes microlearnings and taking on any project that helps sales get from A to B faster. Chelsea’s zest for life extends beyond her professional pursuits. As a former member of the Penn State Ski team, she frequents winter trips to Colorado. When not navigating the snowy terrains, Chelsea enjoys paddleboarding, biking, playing pool, embarking on solo international adventures, watching Formula 1 races, Penn State football (We Are!) and immersing herself in Austin’s live music scene.
14 February 2024 09:45 - 10:15
Less is more: Prioritizing behaviour shifts for maximum impact
In a world that often pushes for sweeping transformations, the key to impactful behavior change might be more nuanced than we think. Instead of aiming for grand-scale shifts, this session advocates for a refined approach: focusing on fewer behavior changes and dedicating time to master each one. Tackling too many changes simultaneously can lead to diluted efforts and mixed adoption. By narrowing our scope and dedicating energy to specific, manageable shifts, we create an environment where genuine mastery and sustained adoption can flourish. Delve into real-world stories and proven strategies that underscore the benefits of this refined approach. Discover tools to prioritize changes effectively and methods to cultivate dedication and mastery over weeks, rather than fleeting engagement. Join us to learn how focusing on the essential, and dedicating time to its mastery, can lead to more profound, lasting results in behavior change.

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