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VP, Sales Enablement & Customer Enagagement
Crispin is a passionate and innovative executive leader focused on driving the best experiences, transforming organizations, leveraging critical new technologies and ensuring an outcome-based approach is in place to maximize success and delight customers and stakeholders. Crispin is focused on career development, leading by example and sought after as a coach and speaker, internally and externally.
13 February 2024 12:00 - 12:30
Creating a culture that encourages sales excellence
In this presentation, explore the transformative power of sales enablement beyond revenue figures. Dive into the heart of organizational culture, illuminating how sales enablement strategies can shape a nurturing, empowering atmosphere for sellers. Discover innovative approaches, from personalized training to tailored resources, that not only boost sales performance but also foster a sense of belonging, skill development, and job satisfaction among sales teams. Join this talk to uncover the secrets of enhancing the sales experience and creating a workplace where sellers thrive.

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