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Director of Revenue Enablement
From nurturing sales at mom-and-pop shops to fostering partnerships with industry behemoths like, Greg Qualls' 20+ year odyssey in direct sales and enablement has honed his acumen to a fine edge. Now as the Global Director of Revenue Enablement at, Greg channels this extensive on-ground experience into architecting strategies that have catapulted sales metrics significantly. His inaugural year led to a 33% upswing in Net Confidence Score and generated an additional $1.5M in Annual Recurring Revenue within the first year. Greg's approach to enablement is far from esoteric; it's grounded in real-world scenarios and actionable strategies. His knack for translating complex frameworks into practical steps has not only elevated sales operations but also nurtured a culture of continuous learning and cross-functional collaboration. Over the last decade, through Q Thirty-Two Enterprises LLC, Greg has been the linchpin in empowering a myriad of SMBs and Non-Profits with tailored sales enablement strategies, markedly enhancing their sales efficiency and operational prowess. His blend of direct sales experience and strategic acumen makes Greg’s insights an invaluable asset for professionals keen on escalating their game to the next level.
13 February 2024 10:15 - 10:45
Sales enablement is dead: three pivotal shifts to revenue enablement you need to make now
According to Forrester the enablement industry is moving from a sales-centric to a revenue-centric model. Understanding this evolution is vital for organizational success. Greg Qualls, Global Director of Revenue Enablement at, shares invaluable insights garnered from his journey over the past two years transitioning to a revenue enablement model. Greg will elucidate the core distinctions between Sales Enablement and Revenue Enablement, underscoring the profound shift towards a holistic approach that engages every customer-interaction role throughout the customer journey. In this session, Greg will unveil three actionable steps that organizations can adopt immediately to initiate this transition towards Revenue Enablement. Drawing from real-world applications and proven methodologies, Greg provides a clear, practical roadmap to foster a revenue-centric culture that transcends mere sales to enhance the entire customer journey. Through a blend of insightful analysis, case studies from, and actionable strategies, attendees will walk away equipped with the knowledge and steps necessary to propel their organizations into the Revenue Enablement era. This session is a goldmine for sales professionals, enablement experts, and leaders aspiring to align their enablement strategies with the contemporary revenue-centric paradigm.

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