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Director of Global Sales and Pre-Sales Enablement
Learning is an emotional journey through a world where we are routinely told to check our emotions at the door. As a veteran facilitator and Certified Change Management practitioner, Jennifer Ryan understands this paradox all too well. With certificates in coaching, professional communication, and leadership development, Jennifer currently serves as Director of Global Enablement for BlackLine, where she leads the Sales & Solution Consulting Enablement teams as well as the Learning Design team. Jennifer and her team focus on a diversified learning approach that meets the learner where they are and guides them along their journey of self-enrichment and discovery.
14 February 2024 11:15 - 11:45
Beyond the bots: Balancing technology with human connection
In the age of automation and artificial intelligence, it's tempting to believe that technology can replace human interaction in sales. However, the truth is far more nuanced. While AI tools offer incredible power for streamlining processes and generating insights, they lack the empathy, understanding, and relationship-building skills that are essential for closing deals and fostering long-term customer loyalty. This presentation explores the critical role of human connection in the era of AI-powered sales enablement.

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