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Director, Inside Sales & Sales Enablement
Every step in Katelyn's career has been a strategic step in furthering her journey to becoming a respected and effective sales leader. Starting her career as a sales rep and progressing through roles as a sales enablement leader and eventually a sales director, Katelyn offers a comprehensive skill set of valuable experience that makes her more effective and knowledgeable in her leadership roles.
14 February 2024 11:45 - 12:15
The blueprint to sales excellence
Within this presentation, delve into the core strategies that transform ordinary sales teams into extraordinary performers. Explore a meticulously crafted blueprint designed to optimize training, refine sales processes, and foster a culture of continuous improvement. More so, it gives you the opportunity to present how you've been directly impacting revenue generation. Join Katelyn in this presentation to uncover the secrets behind creating a sustainable framework where enablement becomes the cornerstone of driving sales success, elevating not just the team but the entire organization toward unparalleled achievement.

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