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Sales Enablement & Operations Leader
LeShea Taylor is an ambitious, driven and qualified professional who works diligently and treats all professional community members with respect. Her co-workers, peers, supervisors, and personal friends have always considered her a leader in her professional, academic, and personal realms. LeShea strives to lead by example through prioritizing the needs of others and receives personal satisfaction after any set objectives are successfully completed through an individual and/or "team-first" mindset. Her strengths include unwavering time management, solidified professionalism, unparalleled work ethic, a passion for learning, and cutting-edge innovation strategies.
13 February 2024 14:15 - 15:00
Panel discussion: Strategies for gaining leadership buy-in and demonstrating tangible ROI
Although enablement plays a pivotal role in empowering revenue-generating teams, gaining leadership buy-in and demonstrating tangible ROI remains a constant challenge. This panel discussion delves into the intricacies of garnering executive support and proving the business value of sales and revenue enablement initiatives. Key focuses: - Strategic alignment: align enablement goals with business objectives. - Build compelling cases: craft persuasive arguments emphasizing tangible benefits. - Data-driven insights: leverage analytics for ROI correlation and informed decision-making. - Stakeholder collaboration: foster engagement for a unified enablement vision. - Effective communication: translate complex data into clear, compelling narratives. Equip yourself with actionable techniques to gain leadership support and prove the value of sales enablement initiatives, enhancing organizational success.

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