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Director of Product Marketing
Tim is currently focused in B2B technology, having spent 5+ years in this space, working with brands and products that are helping transform revenue teams. He has industry experience working with category-leading companies in the space of CRM, Sales Engagement, Sales Force Automation, Marketing Automation, and most recently Emotion AI. Tim loves what he does because it's about helping others succeed. Marketing, to him, is an ever-changing challenge where every day is different from the one before it! The best part about being a marketer, according to Tim, is figuring out creative ways to engage consumers and share stories that inspire people to take action. Outside of his day job (if that's still a thing?), Tim is passionate about wine, food, and the outdoors. He gets his energy from being around people and experiencing new places. He particularly enjoys climbing mountains and pushing his limits.
13 February 2024 16:00 - 16:30
AI meets EQ: How sales enablement can shape the future of B2B sales
Sales enablement teams are the unsung heroes, equipping sellers with the knowledge and skills to meet modern buyers where they are, and the role has only gotten more challenging in a data-driven world. Navigating today's complex sales terrain, buyers are more informed and discerning than ever, raising the stakes for sellers and enablement teams. This session cuts through the noise, identifying ways AI can reduce the complexity that overwhelms sellers and streamline their roles for efficiency and impact. But it's not all about numbers; the human touch, the ability to mentalize and empathize, truly distinguishes top performers. We'll explore the latest research from the FSU Sales Institute on the Impact of EQ in Sales and how we can quantify the competitive edge that high-EQ sellers have in B2B engagements, including discovery, differentiation and objection handling. We'll unpack strategies that are in sync with changing buyer behaviors, focusing on understanding buyer sentiment, engagement, and behavior—because, in the end, customers crave connection and affirmation. Join us for an engaging conversation where the secret sauce to sales success might just be something you already possess: the human element.

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