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Head of Sales Training & Enablement, EMEA
Edurne, a seasoned Learning leader, boasts an impressive track record in coaching, devising, and executing end-to-end training and coaching initiatives that bring about transformative changes for companies within the UK and European markets. With extensive expertise, Edurne has successfully implemented Learning and Development strategies that revolutionize business productivity, elevate service delivery standards, and enhance client engagement. Notably, she has introduced comprehensive 'One Stop Shop' training and development systems to support Sales, Marketing, and Analytics teams. Collaborating closely with senior executive teams, Edurne excels in the formulation of training blueprints. Her reputation shines particularly bright in orchestrating global training interventions that champion optimal practices and emerging trends in the realm of training and development. Guiding and steering learning and development teams in the creation of cutting-edge, captivating training programs stands as one of Edurne's notable strengths. Through a holistic perspective on corporate objectives, she has solidified her standing as a provider of pioneering training solutions that effectively propel profitability and foster engagement.
05 December 2024 09:45 - 10:30
Panel: Confidence catalyst: creating a culture of learning to elevate sales performance
In today's competitive sales environment, confidence is essential for sales reps to close deals. This session will explore how to create a culture of learning that puts the development of reps at the heart of the organization.

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