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Head of Enablement
The Access Group
Gemma is a storyteller, known for her innate curiosity and optimism. She thrives in chaos and possesses a remarkable sense of empathy. Instead of seeking fame, she values being worth knowing. Spending quality time with her family and friends brings her great joy. Gemma's deep connection with nature is fulfilled by visiting the sea, with her favorite magical beaches being Inchydoney in Co. Cork and Killiney in Co. Dublin, despite having traveled extensively. Among her hobbies are attending gym classes, embracing challenges on her Garmin app, indulging in reading, watching movies, and enjoying sea swimming. She particularly loves spinning classes, and during lockdown, she purchased a turbo trainer to continue her fitness routine. Throughout her career, Gemma has consistently pursued her passion for technology. She has had the privilege of working at renowned companies such as Microsoft, Oracle, and LinkedIn. However, her ultimate achievement has been landing her dream job at Salesforce, a company she has always aspired to be a part of.

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