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VP of Sales Strategy & Enablement
As VP of Sales Strategy and Enablement for Experian’s newest division, Employer Services, where she leads a sales enablement team working to build out sales enablement and operations ecosystem from the ground up as a result of a multiple business acquisitions. Most recently prior to this role Lisa worked in the human capital management field for over 22 years at Automatic Data Processing in a variety of international sales, sales leadership, and commercial operations and sales/revenue enablement roles. Lisa is a business transformation change agent who is best known for her ability to balance strategy with details, remove barriers, and connect people across the organization to achieve strategic vision and goals. Many of the roles Lisa held did not exist before she took the role. These roles led to launching new products, divisions and teams and collaborating cross functionally across the business to drive outcomes. Her business transformation experience has involved acquisition assimilation to existing business as well as multiple acquisitions to create new business lines. Lisa’s revenue/sales enablement experience includes eco-system optimization, territory optimization, modern buyer and seller enablement, acquisition assimilation and transformation, revenue intelligence, sales operations, sales analytics, sales training, executive coaching and go-to-market product strategy and enablement.